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The Economy in 2021 and Beyond

Presented by Steve Rick, Director and Chief Economist for CUNA Mutual Group

The U.S. economy has dramatically improved after the implosion caused by the onset of the pandemic, expanding by over 33%. But will 2021 be a year of two halves? What will the resurgence of COVID-19 mean for credit unions, now and into 2022? 

Get answers and insights from Steve Rick, Chief Economist at CUNA Mutual Group, during this complimentary webinar. 

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Cyber Liability: A Dynamic Risk to Manage

Carlos Molina, CUNA Mutual Group and Derek Laczniak, M3 Insurance Solutions (recorded 5/18/2021)

The cyber liability marketplace continues to be dynamic due to spikes in claim activity of all kinds. This webinar provides an overview of current cyber liability market trends and threats that credit unions face. The presenters detail the fundamentals of how cyber liability policies are designed, how to respond to a data breach, as well as common pitfalls faced by credit unions. The session also addresses how credit unions can mitigate their risks through a deeper understanding of governance, and their cyber liability policies.

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The Economic Forecast and Credit Unions

Bill Hampel (recorded 2/23/2021)

What’s the outlook for an economic recovery in 2021 and into next year? Are we in a double dip recession? Will interest rates ever rise? Are we in for a bout of inflation? How will credit union deposit and loan growth compare to 2020? 

Get answers to these questions and more when you attend this complimentary on-demand webinar. 

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We Chose American Share

Five CEOs from across the country explain how American Share is a true business partner, and is invested in the success of their credit unions.

(Runtime approximately four minutes)



1 Question / 1 Answer / 1 Minute

Got a minute? How about 58 seconds?

Kristina McIntosh, President/CEO of Jackson County Co-op Credit Union in Indiana, explains why her credit union chose ASI more than 20 years ago, and why this partnership still enhances their business model.

(Runtime less than one minute)



The Virtues and Benefits of Private Share Insurance

Brad Swartzentruber, President/CEO of Northwest Christian Credit Union, tells Mike Lawson from CUBroadcast why his credit union prefers working with American Share.

(Runtime approximately six and a half minutes)




1 Question / 1 Answer / 1 Minute

Got a minute? How about 57 seconds?

Matt Kershaw, President/CEO of Clark County Credit Union in Nevada, explains why working with ASI’s audit team is beneficial – not a chore. An excerpt from the full “We Chose ASI” video above.

(Runtime less than one minute)



1 Question / 1 Answer / 1 Minute

Got a minute? How about 49 seconds?

Kathy Duvall, President/CEO of San Francisco Fire Credit Union in California, tells us what it’s like partnering with American Share. “There’s a lot of flexibility in working with ASI…” An excerpt from the full “We Chose ASI” video above.

(Runtime less than one minute)



We Chose American Share – Long Version

CEOs from across the country explain why their credit unions chose the private option – working with American Share Insurance – and how it benefits them and their members.

(Runtime approximately nine minutes)