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Primary Insurance

Primary Share Insurance

Federally chartered credit unions only have one choice – NCUA, which serves as their insurer and regulator. As a result, the federal government has total control over the credit union’s ability to serve its members. State-chartered credit unions have the power to better influence the state laws governing them – and many state-chartered credit unions (or federally chartered credit unions that switch charter) have the right to choose American Share instead of NCUA.

As the only private share insurer in the U.S., American Share currently provides trusted primary share insurance for more than one million members of state-chartered credit unions in Alabama, California, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Montana, Nevada, Ohio and Texas.

Choose Greater Coverage

Per Account, not Per Member: Our primary share insurance provides coverage of up to $250,000 for each and every account of an individual member.

No Limits: There is no limit to the number of accounts an individual member can have insured with American Share. For example, if a member has 10 accounts, each one is insured up to $250,000 for a total of up to $2,500,000 in coverage for that member.

A Competitive Edge: Our per-account coverage allows members to keep more of their deposits in one institution – making your credit union their primary financial service provider. Banks cannot offer this coverage.


American Share insures each and every account of an individual member up to $250,000, without limits as to the number of accounts held. If you have 20 separate accounts with your credit union, up to $5,000,000 of your deposits are covered!


Choose a Strong Fund

When you choose American Share, you get peace of mind. Since 1974, sound underwriting and business-centric risk management policies have enabled us to provide a strong primary insurance option to state-chartered credit unions and federally chartered credit unions that switch to a state charter.

Higher Equity Ratio: Our equity ratio is consistently higher than that reported by NCUA, and no credit union member has ever lost money in an American Share-insured credit union account.

Lower Loss Ratio: American Share’s losses-per-insured-shares ratio has been significantly less than that of NCUA.

Greater Reserves: American Share’s ratio of loss reserves-to-insured shares is nearly 10 times that of NCUA’s. Independent actuaries annually certify the sufficiency of our reserves to cover losses. NCUA does not utilize the services of outside actuaries.

Safe and Sound Investments: The majority of the money entrusted with American Share is held in cash, US Treasuries and US government agency bonds. High-risk investing is not permitted or approved.

Choose the Private Sector

When you choose American Share, you partner with a private sector business, not a government agency. Unlike NCUA, American Share takes the time to understand your business model in order to continually add value to your credit union. We are also defenders of state sovereignty, the role of private business and the importance of options in today’s financial services industry.

Member Owned: Like your credit union, we are owned by the members we serve. As such, our primary mission is to see our member credit unions grow and prosper. Our board of directors is elected by our members, not appointed, and our member credit unions have a voice in the strategic direction of the program.

An Insurer, not a Regulator: Over the decades, NCUA’s role as solely an insurer of state-chartered credit unions has become blurred, with the agency often over-reaching its authority. American Share’s sole purpose is to ensure that your members’ deposits are safe from loss. We focus on the safety and soundness of our insured credit unions, and leave the oversight of state laws to state regulators.

Your Business Partner: Rather than taking a “one-size-fits-all” approach, we work with our member credit unions and state regulators to develop flexible programs that focus specifically on meeting consumer needs and sustaining charters.