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On Thursday, September 29, American Share convened its 24th consecutive meeting of the American Share Primary Insured Credit Union Advisory Council here in Columbus, Ohio. Attending this year’s meeting were 18 credit union CEOs representing credit unions from seven of our nine states of operation. Also attending, in an ex-officio capacity, were five of American Share’s seven Board members. This annual event is just another way American Share lives up to its commitment to our member credit unions and to the basic business tenets of full disclosure, transparency and member/owner involvement – practices not found in the federal insurance program.

American Share Advisory Council

The meeting gave attendees the opportunity to learn about the progress being made this year in the Company’s marketing, examination, technology, regulatory and legislative areas, as well as the latest financial results and forecasts. While breakeven results are expected for 2016, sustaining a net income and building capital will be difficult in the years following if interest rates stay where they are today. This issue was thoroughly vetted by the Council members, and solutions are being sought.

On the core business front, since the last meeting of the Council in October 2015, the sales staff has successfully managed federal-to-private share insurance conversion votes at five credit unions from just as many states, comprising about $800 million in insured shares. In addition, there are three other conversion votes in the queue for the remainder of the year, accounting for approximately another $500 million in insured shares. The period spanning December 2015 to December 2016 will be one of the most productive for primary insurance growth since the 1990s.

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