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The nation’s largest provider of private share insurance for credit unions since 1974.

American Share Insurance (ASI) provides primary and excess share or deposit insurance exclusively to credit unions. We’re a member-owned, share guaranty corporation, and are proud to be the nation‘s largest non-federal insurer of credit union deposits.

ASI is safe and sound as are your credit union savings.

Members of credit unions insured by American Share Insurance can take great comfort in knowing that their savings are safe, sound and protected by a well-capitalized insurance fund.
The current economic situation has left many credit union members asking questions about the safety of their savings.  In response, ASI offers the following about its deposit insurance programs:

Members deposits in an ASI primary insured credit union are insured to $250,000 per individual account, no matter how many accounts they have with the credit union. 

Click here for more details on primary share insurance: Strength & Trust - Your Insured Funds.


For Credit Union Industry Professionals
Through our primary share and excess share insurance programs, we help credit unions carry out their mission. Learn what makes our insurance unique, then meet the industry leaders who have helped us serve the credit union industry. 

For Credit Union Members
Credit unions offer their members a wealth of advantages and are a popular alternative to traditional banks. Learn how ASI insures the deposits of credit union members.

What's New 

ASI Advisory Council Meeting Scheduled  
The 2014 ASI Primary Insured Credit Union Advisory Council is scheduled to meet on Tuesday, September 30, in Columbus, Ohio. The panel, comprised of CEOs from ASI-insured member credit unions, meets annually to review the performance of the insurance fund and to discuss current issues relevant to privately insured credit unions

ASI Members Will Not Be Charged a Special Premium Assessment in 2014 
Dennis Adams, President/CEO of American Share Insurance (ASI), has informed its insured member credit unions that there will be No Special Premium Assessment (SPA) in 2014. Mr. Adams reports, "The ASI Board of Directors determined at this time there is no need to collect an SPA for 2014 from its insured credit unions. After reviewing the Company's favorable results to date – and as forecasted for the balance of the year – the Board concluded that the SPA would not be necessary in 2014."  Click here  to read more from ASI's news release about this topic. 

Bensenville Community CU Members Now Served by Credit Union 1  
American Share Insurance (ASI) President/CEO Dennis Adams announced that as of July 31, 2014, ASI has accepted appointment as liquidating agent of Bensenville Community Credit Union in Bensenville, IL. Credit Union 1 of Rantoul, IL purchased all of Bensenville Community CU's loans and other assets and assumed all of its share account liabilities, enabling Bensenville Community CU's members to receive uninterrupted service. 
Click here  to read more detail from ASI's news release. 

ASI Proves Capital Assistance Works 
American Share Insurance (ASI) announces that its capital assistance plan to aid the Silver State Schools Credit Union (Las Vegas), has proven to be the "best practice" for preserving a state charter while also being the least-cost solution to the insurance fund. The credit union has reported its ninth consecutive quarter of positive net earnings for the period ending June 30, 2014, and a regulatory net worth ratio of 7.25%. As a result of this progress, Silver State Schools CU made its initial $2.2 million payment (plus interest) to ASI in late July 2014 against the secondary capital plan that was first implemented in 2010 by ASI to help save the credit union during the recent economic recession. 
Click here  to read more. 

ASI Fact Sheet Revised and Available Online 
"Strength & Trust - Your Insured Funds," an ASI  fact sheet, presents a summary of pertinent information about the corporation and its primary deposit insurance program available to credit unions. The document has been updated recently and you and your credit union members can download the current version from the lower left of this ASI web page, or
click here


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